Modern feminism is killing femininity

I’ve been watching a few documentaries lately, pretty tragic documentaries of women in other parts of the world. Women who had no rights and no choice, they were forced into prostitution, were oppressed by their societies, by their men and the rigid belief systems they were driven by, they weren’t valued or respected and had all sorts of shit to deal with. Meanwhile in the West… Neo feminists complain about manspreading and mansplaining.

Feminism – you’d think it would be dead by now in the West. The brave women from the past have stood up for equal rights and we got them. These were real women who wanted equality, as it just wasn’t right for women not to have the same rights as men and to get paid less in their jobs. They had a reason to create their movement, a very good reason. They were successful and brought us further in society.

But today, in a society where a woman can do anything a man can do, is feminism still needed? No. Not over here in the West. If you want to stand up for women in the Middle East and other countries of the world where they are still being oppressed, then yes, feminism is certainly needed. But over here it isn’t.

So why do we still have feminism? What is it designed to do? What is the purpose of the movement, what is it trying to achieve?

I’ve got to tell you, I’m not exactly sure what neo feminists are trying to achieve. There’s no mention of the rights of women in the Middle East, so they’re not standing up for that. Criticising other cultures is ‘racist’, ya know.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear goal that neo feminists have, but if you ask them they’ll throw terms at you like: equality, liberation, empowerment, respect. But most likely they won’t give you an exact definition of what these things really mean to them.

At the same time they’ll make up problems that don’t really exist here in the West, like rape culture or the gender pay gap that has been debunked so many times. Why make up problems that don’t exist? Why is it so great to be a victim? Why it so cool to be oppressed?

It’s clear – if you’re a victim, you get attention. And real victims of real crimes and injustices should be getting attention. But making shit up that distract from those real problems that lead to people being real victims, just so you can get your own supply of attention, that’s not only pathetic but also it’s rather disrespectful and therefore hypocritical.

Liberation, liberation! WE WANT LIBERATION. They are screaming for it on the streets. But who wants liberation – and, most importantly, liberation from what? They claim to want liberation from the oppressive ‘patriarchy’ as they call it, but that’s not really it. On the surface it may be, but this goes much deeper. The root cause of the problem lies within.

It’s the woman inside the neo feminist that is screaming for liberation. It’s the woman that has been repressed and oppressed for so long by the neo feminist herself who grew up in a society that told her to do so and is now part of a movement telling her to do so. She’s been brainwashed with bullshit propaganda that has completely poisoned her mind. It’s the woman inside her, it’s her femininity that wants to be liberated.

Feminism has gone too far. It should have stopped right at the point when we got all our equal rights sorted, but it didn’t. Instead, feminism has become a ravishing disease, one that is spreading quickly and widely, just like a man’s legs on public transport occupying the space of the neo feminist.

It has made women become like men, it has encouraged women to compete with men rather than collaborate and connect. “I’m an empowered woman that can do anything a man can do” is the narrative, one that seems to be widely accepted these days and not questioned and analysed enough.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A woman who is oppressing herself, who is repressing her own femininity, is not an empowered woman. A woman who plays the victim to get attention, a woman who is addicted to outside validation, a woman who has dropped her natural feminine values to serve her ego rather than her heart is not an empowered woman. A woman who projects her issues onto others and isn’t capable of looking within and dealing with her emotions in an honest manner is not an empowered woman. A woman acting like a man whilst completely disregarding her own femininity as well as the femininity in others is not an empowered woman. A woman begging others for respect while not respecting herself and others is not an empowered woman. A woman projecting a father figure onto the state and depending on it while pretending to be an independent woman is not an empowered woman.

Women are frustrated. You see just how frustrated they are, those on the streets, those on the internet. But why are they frustrated? Is it really because of the ‘patriarchy’? Is it really all about who’s in political power? Is it really because they are oppressed? I don’t think so. The feeling of frustration, it arises from a space of not being in ones power. Although neo feminists will claim that modern feminism is all about empowerment, that’s not actually the truth.

Modern feminism is disempowering women.

Feminine principles, such as creativity, connection, care, emotion, intuition, holistic thinking, nurture, empathy, spirituality, compassion etc. aren’t something that was just made up by society. The science of the right and left brain shows that we naturally have both feminine and masculine aspects within us regardless of our gender. Ideally, to be an empowered individual, you’ve got reach a certain balance. The more you’re out of balance, the less empowered you are. The more you repress, the less empowered you are.

What feminism has done, it has told women to shame and repress their feminine aspects, while telling men to shame and repress their masculinity, disempowering and disconnecting both genders in that way. And this is why our society is getting more and more fucked up.

Both women and men need to step into their power and reconnect.

I can only speak from the perspective of a woman, one who has also been conditioned with much of this modern society ‘regressive pretending to be progressive’ bullshit. I remember how I felt when I graduated from uni after doing a course that wasn’t really my cup of tea at all, it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I was so fucking confused and I didn’t know what I really wanted. Deep inside I knew, but I had pushed these desires and natural urges so far down underneath the surface that I was either not consciously aware of them anymore or I didn’t want to admit them to myself out of fear of what others thought, as well as fear of not surviving if I went for what I really wanted rather than what I was socially conditioned to desire. It took me years to actually get clear about what I really wanted, because it wasn’t something that was socially acceptable for a woman anymore and women who stepped outside that box weren’t really supported by anyone, unless they had a man who provided for them of course. Like most women these days I was told that the way to have a fulfilling life was to be a career woman, make a lot of money so I could be independent and strong.

It took me a while to realise that independence and strength was nothing to be attained from outside, that it was something I had to find within first of all. It took me a long time to admit to myself that I’m not a career woman at all. I couldn’t give two fucks about a professional career. I’m a creative person, all I want is to create and perhaps one day that will be the only job I have to do to provide for myself, if I find a way to make that happen, or maybe I’ll find a man who wants to divide certain roles with me. I have tried working in jobs and only doing my creative work in my spare time but it didn’t work out, my creativity has to be expressed and I want to make it happen, I want to create as much space in my life for my creativity, as much space as it needs.

I want to have a family one day, I hope to find a decent man who hasn’t been programmed with feminist bullshit, a real man who is empowered and free from society’s conditioning. I want to have children and I want them to have the best upbringing I could possibly imagine. I want to stay at home and experience my children growing up, while still having time for my creative work and purpose. I want to cook healthy meals and take care of my home, make it a beautiful place to live in. I love doing stuff in the house. I’d love to teach values like creativity and intuition to my children and make them empowered individuals who are capable of creating a fulfilling life for themselves no matter how crazy this world may be by the time they grow up. Children have to be really fucking strong in a society like this one.

For me these are really some of my goals in life. They might not be for all women, we all have different goals. But I have mine and I think many other women naturally feel that they value family over career, that they prefer to stay at home rather than going to work every day, that they want to do their own thing rather than work for someone else, but it’s not something that is encouraged by our society these days.

Although every woman has different goals, I don’t think any woman seriously wants to live a lonely life making shitloads of money, being able to buy anything she wants but going home every night downing a bottle of wine to get away from all the stress and pressures of her deadly soul-destroying full time job.

It’s not easy for anyone in this society right now, neither for women nor for men. We are living in a society where we have to fight and work hard to make our dreams come true, even if those dreams may be as simple and natural as having a healthy and stable family.

But it’s nothing to feel victimised about. Achieving goals required hard work, work that doesn’t just take place in our outer reality, but also within. True liberation is to look within, questioning and getting rid of bullshit beliefs, mindsets and attitudes we were conditioned with by our society, family and culture. True empowerment means to look within, to do the hard work that is required to rediscover who we really are, what we really want and shine light on all these aspects of ourselves that we were conditioned to shame and repress, so that we can integrate them into the whole being we are and allow them to fully express themselves in their power.

Whatever modern feminism is selling us nicely wrapped as ‘liberation’ and ‘empowerment’ is nothing but utter nonsense. Buying into it is like willingly getting infected with a deadly disease – a disease that is deadly for ones own soul and humanity. Deadly for anything we truly value and cherish, anything that is truly meaningful to our lives.

Modern feminism is killing femininity.

I personally no longer choose to play a part in this. I know what I want and I’m no longer afraid to step outside the box. I have chosen to embrace my femininity, to express it regardless of what anyone things, regardless of how risky it may be for my own survival. Up to now, I’m still alive and I’m in a better place than I was before. I’m lucky to live in the West where I have more opportunities than most women in the world.

As a woman, I naturally feel the need to stand up for my feminine principles and values, to embody them and perhaps inspire others to do the same. In a world that is becoming uglier by the day, I want to create something beautiful to give. In a time where we have nearly lost the connecting with our intuition and bullshit is flooding our streets and minds, I want to empower my intuition as much as I can to detect this bullshit and call it out. In a society that encourages us be unhappy with ourselves the way we are but seek validation from outside all the time to compensate for that, I want to not give a fuck about how others see me but care about how I see myself instead, learn to validate myself. In a society were it’s common too seek respect from others, I choose not to waste any of my precious time and energy doing that but instead respect myself, be a person I have respect for.

In a place where the destruction of the soul is actively encouraged wherever you look, I refuse to take part in that. Instead I choose to liberate my soul, to embody it as much as I can, let it express itself and let its inspiring energy flow through me so I can create something of value and beauty. In this life, this human experience that I’m having in this world, I want to do what I feel that I’m here to do and not what anyone else is telling me I need to do for them. I am free to choose and I choose to be free. Free to do what I want, even if it requires work to get there. Free to speak my truth, even if that makes others feel uncomfortable.

Modern feminism isn’t encouraging any of that. It doesn’t have the goal to bring anything of true value and meaning into our society. It’s not designed to empower us and certainly not to liberate us. It’s designed to keep us trapped inside our own mental and emotional prison, created by brainwashed bullshit beliefs that go against our very nature and the repression of our true selves.

And that’s why it’s stupid. We don’t need feminism anymore in the West. Don’t let feminism kill femininity. Don’t let it kill masculinity. Don’t let it kill the connection between women and men. Kill feminism instead. Or deport it to a place in the world where it’s still needed.


Credit for featured image: Huffington Post

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