Out of the Extremes

We’re living in mad times. I spend much time observing, analysing and researching, trying to make sense of it all, what made us get to where we are now and where it’s taking us. I regularly have to take some time off from it all just to detach, because if you are living in such crazy times being a sensitive and intelligent person who has no desire to be ignorant of the world’s problems can be rather exhausting. You have to get away from it all, chill the fuck out and have some fun, focus on your creative work and do all those things you enjoy. If you fail to do so you get sucked into this dark hole of the world’s drama and you take it on as your own before you even realise it.

I prefer to step back and just be an observer unless I can do something that is actually helpful and useful. The times of attaching to ideologies and taking on rigid belief systems are over; I now prefer not to have any belief system at all and be free from ideology. Instead I choose to look at the world with curiosity and an open mind, constantly questioning myself and updating the software of my own mind. The brain works like a computer after all. I ask myself often whether the knowledge I have is correct and valid, I throw out thoughts and beliefs that are flawed or nonsensical, I call myself out on my own bullshit. This means I often go through confusing times – in a healthy way.

Taking responsibility for your thoughts and being aware of what’s going on in your brain is essential in times like these. Times when you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake. When there’s so much confusion in society, often by deliberate design. When it’s so easy, even for highly intelligent people, to be targets of psychological manipulation, mind control, social engineering and other invisible control mechanisms. It happens to the best of us, we all get deceived, brainwashed and manipulated, and only the best will actually see beyond that sooner or later and free themselves from it. It takes hard work and some rather unpleasant times unbrainwashing and unfucking yourself from the mindfuckery that despite your hardest efforts you haven’t been able to avoid.

There are many ways in which we are being manipulated into thinking in ways unhealthy for ourselves as individuals, our psychological and emotional wellbeing, as well as for society as a whole and its wellbeing. It seems that our minds are deliberately being destabilised, which then leads to a destabilisation of our entire being. If this is done to the masses it leads to the destabilisation of the entire society. This is where we’re at now.

One way in which this is done to us now on a daily basis is by brainwashing us into thinking in extremes. Well-balanced, grounded thinking is far from being encouraged. It would make us stable and healthy to think in such a way, and that’s neither profitable, nor does it provide precious life force energy to the parasites that want to feed off us. They need weak, unstable and sick individuals to feed off, just like such individuals are best to be exploited for money. They need society as a whole to be that way – just a few individuals don’t give them enough of what they want.

One of the most relevant examples of the ‘thinking in extremes’ brainwashing we see in our society now is the extreme left-right divide. On the far left we have a bunch of mentally unwell, always offended social justice warriors and third wave radical feminists being used to push harmful agendas that are completely irrational and nonsensical, policing everyone’s speech and even thoughts. A lot of people see how much of this is just sheer insanity and turn to those who oppose the far left – a group of people that is going more and more towards the extreme right or conservatism that makes them appear as if they’d gone back to the middle ages.

The two opponents are drifting further and further apart while going more and more into the extremes. There’s barely anyone in the so-called alternative media trying to find a healthy middle ground there, taking the good values from both the left and the right, getting rid of the bullshit and dangerous elements and forming healthy and grounded views based on that. Instead, most just take on a predetermined set of beliefs and ideologies. It’s more about fitting themselves into a box rather than thinking freely.

If you don’t give a fuck about politics and you neither want to be on the left nor on the right, there’s still the ‘truth movement’. “Everything is a conspiracy, absolutely everything coming from the mainstream media is a lie, we’re all doomed and we need to make fools out of ourselves to wake people up, regardless of the consequences or whether it even leads to any positive change at all.” If that still sounds too dramatic for you and you want to be completely detached from it all, any of this shit that’s going down in the world, you can still join the New Age movement and pretend you’re in Happy Larry Land where “it’s all an illusion”. Mad times we’re living in, I’ve told you this already and I’ll probably tell you again many times.

Extreme views and behaviours are constantly being pushed by the media. They may get some mild criticism by journalists but never the criticism they really deserve. Slowly and gradually, the abnormal and absurd is being normalised and if you have a problem with it they’ll throw all the ‘bad’ labels under the sun at you.

Yes, forcing children into gender stereotypes and shaming them when they refuse to squeeze themselves into those boxes is extreme. I barely come across any parent in real life that does such a thing anyway. Every single child I know is able to choose what colours they want to wear and what toys they want to play with, their gender has nothing to do with that. But hey, let’s just act like all this is still a massive issue and let’s take the most radical and extreme measures to tackle it. Let’s completely deny the existence of gender, and deprive our children from building a healthy gender identity by following the fad of ‘raising’ them ‘genderless’. Fuck finding a healthy middle ground. How all this affects those children psychologically doesn’t matter anyway, not to the extremist.

This is just one example of extremist views and behaviours being pushed by the media. There is much more.

Some children are confused and go through phases of acting like they want to be the opposite sex, we all know that. Shaming and condemning them for it is extreme, of course it is. They are children after all and it’s actually a very common thing in children. I hear about this all the time. Even if the parents are a bit worried, they usually leave them be, in most cases the child grows out of it eventually, it’s nothing more than a phase. But hey, just leaving your children be and hoping for the best rather than condemning and shaming them isn’t enough – you’ve got to take it to the other extreme these days and convince yourself and your children that they are transgender. You need to actively encourage them to identify with and feel like the opposite sex and behave like it too. Add puberty blockers and child transitioning to it and you’re sorted.

What all this is doing to your child’s psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing, again is irrelevant. As long as some individuals can virtue signal on the media about what grandiose parents they are for letting their child be who they are were moulded and shaped into, as narcissistic parents enjoy doing like nothing else, it’s all good. No mention that any of this is utterly insane, no question about the mental wellbeing or state of sanity of such parents. Are journalists really that stupid and ignorant or are they serving some sick agenda? A bit of both perhaps?

But it’s not just in the mainstream media and the far left where extreme ideas are being promoted. It’s done everywhere you look. How do conservatives tackle the issue of the family unit being increasingly destroyed and too many children growing up with single parents? Let’s just go back in time and pretend that they way things were back then were so great. Let’s all get married young again, reproduce as soon as we can and make sure we stay with our partner at all costs, regardless of whether we’re happy in the relationship or it’s making us miserable because we didn’t have a fucking clue about healthy relationships, our needs and preferences when we tied the knot at the age of 22. We didn’t even know ourselves, but waiting for a couple of years and get a bit of relationship experience wouldn’t have fit into our puritanical worldview. Physically abusing our children and calling it ‘parenting’ or ‘discipline’ can be the outlet for our frustrations that have accumulated as a result of sexual repression.

I’m not saying here that there’s anything wrong with getting married and having children at a young age but I see many in the conservative arena pushing idealistic views onto people without considering any implications or how we humans and our environments have changed now. One size fits all solutions have never made us fulfilled, they’ve only ever fit few people, the rest of them had to sacrifice parts of themselves in order to make them fit. They come from extremist mindsets after all.

We’re in the 21st century. Extreme views and ideologies may have served us in times when we’ve had to deal with more extreme situations than now. Times in which our survival was often threatened and life was a lot less comfortable than it is now. It was essential for our survival to conform and fit into groups and society as a whole. But those aren’t the times we are living in anymore. And we aren’t under immediate threat either, where extremist solutions may still be necessary to this day.

Now should be a time to get balanced and grounded in our thinking, look beyond black and white and see all those shades of grey and all those colours. Excessive and persistent black and white thinking is known to be a sign of mental illness after all. It’s a trait of many personality disorders – in addition to that it’s psychopaths, egomaniacs and children who think that way. It’s no surprise that it’s being encouraged so much considering that our world is run by such individuals – the diseased and psychopathic, the narcissistic and deluded, the infantile and immature. Of course it would be their aim to engineer an entire society to be like them, or even worse. They want us to be below them, because they’re incapable of rising above.

We all have our blind spots, our weaknesses and our areas in which we may think in a more extreme way. That’s just part of being human. I’m no perfectionist, I know very well how challenging it is to stay grounded and balanced all the time, or even just reach sufficient levels of that. But then, an inverted world like this one doesn’t make it particularly easy. It’s hard work and you need to be very aware of yourself. Self-awareness and the capacity to own your shit are the survival strategies of the 21st century, without them you’re going to be fucked.

Figuring out what I need to survive and thrive in times like these as well as implementing that is key for me now. In times of the internet we should have enough information available to find the right strategies and to research different sources that enable us to form a balanced view on things. But at the same time we are dealing with an overflow of information, which comes with an overflow of bullshit. Having discernment and a good bullshit detector is vital, you got to have the ability to filter out all the nonsense and identify what is potentially true. You never really know these days, so it’s essential to be both rational and intuitive when seeking out truths, just like it’s essential to be able to detect hidden intentions and agendas.

It’s funny how they encourage the masses to engage in black and white thinking wherever it’s possible, but when it comes to gender there’s apparently a spectrum and we repeatedly hear the phrase “it’s not all black and white”. It’s all inverted and twisted, I can tell you that. There seems to be no end to how absurd it all can get. If that one mindfuckery that is so commonly used doesn’t work in one area, let’s just go for the opposite and claim that it’s logical. Being able to spot such tactics and games that are being played is key. It gets fairly easy after a while.

Although it sounds a bit like doom and gloom looking at these absurdities, it’s nothing I want to allow to interfere with my emotional and mental state anymore. It can drag me down and disturb me at times, that’s just natural if you’re a person who cares, but I feel myself growing stronger and being able to detach from it all in a healthy way, without going into a state of ignorance and delusion. I got to take care of my inner world enough to avoid the craziness of the outer world affecting me too much in ways I don’t want it to affect me.

I see those extremist ideologies destroying themselves eventually. Anything that isn’t built on a stable foundation is doomed to collapse. I just hope they don’t destroy too many people along the way. It may be inevitable and how much destruction they will cause as they drive people into action is something I can’t predict.

I can only express myself, say what I have to say and enjoy the funny moments of those mad times. There’s much to laugh about when you look at it from a distance, many of the occurrences and dramas have great comedy factor. There’s much inspiration to be found in these times to get started with new creative endeavours. I just want to make the best of it that I can, find more ways to use these energies to my advantage and live my life in the most enjoyable way. After all it is a very exciting time to be alive.

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