I’m Anna Veith,
an artist from Italy creating paintings with acrylic and oil paint.
I have been painting abstract since 2017 when I first got introduced to it on and art and design course at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. Before that I was mostly using other media such as drawing, digital art and photography, as to be seen in my series of earlier works. After the first semester I quit art school and went to the UK to continue working on my own and establish myself further as a visual artist. Whilst living there I created two major series of what I call ‘transformational’ abstract paintings, while working on some smaller side projects. In early 2019 I moved back to my home town in Italy where I am currently living and working on my art.

The work I create is based on what I am experiencing in my life and particularly in my inner world. I use art to express the things inside me that cannot be expressed in words. Art is therapy for me and I use it to heal myself and to stay in touch with my soul. Making art is what I call my soul purpose. I create art to inspire others to go within and connect with their soul.

I create commissioned artwork. To request a commissioned piece of art or buy any of my existing artwork go to the contact page or private message me via social media.

For updates on new artwork, sales, upcoming exhibitions and events, and an insight into my life as an artist visit me on Facebook and Instagram.