The world & the human drama, to me it’s like this big movie on a screen & I’m the observer, watching it from a distance, yet I’m part of it all somehow, playing my own part in it, my own unique character.

I fucking love writing. I write about what I see & experience, what I observe & what I feel, what needs to be commented on.

This movie includes all scenes imaginable, an infinite possibility of things that can happen. From beautifully blissfully peaceful sceneries to the horrifyingly dark underworld, you can visit any place here, it may be tragic and outrageous or ecstatic and exciting and any feeling imaginable that can’t even be described in words.

It all is part of the surreal movie called human life, playing out in the human world. It’s fascinating.

Right now is an exciting time to be alive, a lot of things are happening. It’s a time to be inspired & empowered I guess, finding our own ways to deal with it all, the drama, the madness, the inspiration. We’re all on some sort of crazy path doing our thing. And so am I, passionately writing, expressing myself freely, liberating myself through words.

I’m just another extraordinary woman with dreams & a natural urge to express herself. I don’t expect anything in particular out of it and I have nothing to prove to anyone either. I write because I enjoy it, I want to fully embrace this gift called freedom of expression. Isn’t it fucking amazing to be able to express your feelings, thoughts, emotions and anything that is part of you & your experience freely without limits or inhibitions? It’s one of the best things about being human, for sure.

I’m in a process of learning to be free in my expression, to break out of whatever I’ve been locked into throughout this life & express myself as the individual I am in all my uniqueness.

I have created this website to create a space for me for doing so, my own little kingdom where anyone who likes to can come and visit, observe, find inspiration, have their buttons pushed or whatever it is they need to be experiencing on here, what draws them to this page.

On here I write stories & share opinions, views, emotions, wisdom, insight, jokes and any part of me that urges to be expressed.

It liberates me to express how I feel, to put it all into words. I love when others read my words. Maybe it inspires some people or maybe it pisses them off, that’s all fine with me. To me this is about being real, allowing myself all the creative freedom.

It’s out of my control how others react to that, if I tried to control it I’d be inhibiting my own creative freedom, I’d sabotage my own game, lock myself into my own cage and throw the key outside. I’d be doing the same thing that this society attempts to do with the individual. So I won’t do that.

To me it’s about embracing the human experience in its wholeness. On this website I’m sharing parts of this experience with anyone who is interested in it, I describe how I see and experience the world inside and out, just the way I prefer it:

Deep, thought provoking & politically incorrect.