I am an artist based in Devon, UK. I create transformational art using different media, such as acrylic and oil painting, drawing, digital art and photography.

The work I create is based on what I am experiencing in my life and particularly in my inner world. I’m recovering from CPTSD and making art is therapy for me. I use art to heal myself and transform the pain into something beautiful.

These healing and transformative energies are being transmitted to my audience. My art is there to inspire others to get in touch with their inner world, connect to their souls and heal themselves.

I create commissioned artwork for people who are going through significant events or transformational times  in their lives and are looking for a piece of art that energetically supports them. I tune into the energy field of the buyer and intuitively create a beautiful and unique piece of art that is specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

For updates on artwork for sale, upcoming exhibitions and events, new creations and to have an insight into my artist life visit me on Instagram.

To request a commissioned piece of art and any other enquiries visit the contact page.