About My Art

I am a visual artist based in Plymouth, UK. I create unique artworks using a variety of media, such as oil and acrylic painting, drawing, digital art and photography. I refer to my work as ‘Transformational Art’ as my art is born out of my own spiritual transformation and healing process.

My work is inspired by my Inner World, the process of inner Alchemy that involves transforming the low frequency ‘negative energies’ of the human world into the high frequency ‘Divine Energy’. My process of creation is a tool for Alchemy. I consciously intend for my work to be transformative not only for myself, but also to have a transformative effect on my viewers.

I intend for the viewer to be connected with his or her own inner world through my art and to inspire their own transformational process. It is a natural part of human life to be in a continuous state of transformation, whether that is intense or just very subtle, whether we are consciously engaging with the process or not. Just like everything in nature, we are constantly growing, transforming, shifting, healing, absorbing and releasing.

I am deeply fascinated by Nature, she is my healer, my teacher and my inspiration for Life and my creative worl. My art is so often inspired by the sea, the plants and trees, the landscapes of the Earth, the Galaxy and the sky.

Each piece of my art carries its own unique energy, has its own theme and story inspired by events and occurrences that are taking place within my inner world during the time of creation.