Biography & Vision

Anna Veith is a visual artist based in Plymouth, UK. She creates unique works of art using a variety of media, such as oil and acrylic painting, drawing and digital art. Having shown an early interest and talent in art, she pursued the creation of different visual art forms all throughout her life. Starting with drawings and paintings, she went over to photography and photo editing, which opened a new doorway to digital art. She began to use her drawings and paintings for digital editing, an experimental process that became an essential part of her artistic expression. She is mostly self taught, yet she has spent a brief period of time in higher education in the arts, studying one semester of an art and design foundation course in the Basel School of Design ‘Schule für Gestaltung’ in Switzerland. This has opened the door to creating deep abstract paintings, as well as other techniques, media and forms of art. She then moved to Plymouth to continue her creative path independently and is ever since working daily on creating unique artwork.
Her art is born out of a deep fascination for the human inner world, the process of exploring it and bringing it forward into expression.


My vision is to create art that connects the viewer with the inner world that exists within their own being. Each piece of art gives off a unique energy and has a gift to offer to those who are open to tune in and receive it.
The inner world is a deeply fascinating place, a vast ocean within, so vast and voluminous that it is beyond the possible to explore all of it in one lifetime. My fascination with it as well as sheer curiosity and a sense of purpose has led me to develop a passion for diving into this ocean, travelling into its depths, exploring every corner and pathway I can possibly find – the dark, the light, the beautiful, the terrifying. Making the unconscious conscious, shedding light onto the darkness, finding the treasures buried deeply within.
The concept of the inner world as well as the human soul is something that cannot be seen with ones eyes or perceived with any of the remaining ones of the fives senses. As the five senses are what make one perceive the external ‘outer’ world, one possesses inner senses that make one perceive the occurrences, events and states of ones internal world. Intuition, instinct, emotion, feeling, inspiration – these are some of the terminologies one can use to describe those senses, yet it is such a complex and abstract concept that can barely be described in words at times, yet it is something I strive to do as accurately as possible in terms of language.
The inner world is perceived visually by the eye in ones mind, both in the waking state as well as in ones dreams, and these perceptions and impressions can be depicted in any form of art.
My art depicts events and occurrences that happen, as well as places that exist in my inner world and bring it into the outer world to be viewed for anyone who feels drawn to it. This is essentially the work of an artist, particularly one who specialises in abstract art as I do myself in most of my work. One expresses inner events and processes, capturing ones inner state of a specific moment. Abstract art is a highly intuitive process, one in which the one can either have a certain image in mind one wishes to create, or one just dives into the process without having a specific outcome in mind. One can work with intentions or visual imagery and follow the process guided by ones inner voice, ones instincts and ones emotions and feelings of the moment.
I find much enjoyment in such a process and I use it as a tool for personal transformation, which has the effect of infusing my work with a transformational energy that can be received by anyone who views my work of art. As the society we live in has become rather disconnected from the inner realms, I see it as a purpose to help reconnect people with it, as it is directly linked to what manifests in our external world, a place that we all share and create collectively. A place that is in desperate need of anything soulful, beautiful, transformational and truthful. It’s within, that’s where it all begins.