Metallic pen on black paper, A3



Metallic pen on black card, 60 x 90 cm


The energetic nature of the universe and the interconnectedness between all things in existence has always been fascinating to me. It is something that the mind alone can barely grasp, yet this knowledge is embedded deep within us and only needs to be accessed.

Interconnectedness is a reoccurring theme in my artwork. This two part series was created in early 2016 while I was living in Basel, Switzerland.

It was a time when I began to explore and understand more deeply the interconnectedness between the inner and outer world, the separate individual and all beings as a whole, the human and the natural world, the physical and the spiritual realm, and a lot more.


liquid love



Acrylic on canvas, 30 cm x 30 cm
The path of the artist – the soul’s calling – the creative life
It is the only path to bring true fulfillment and joy, it is in human’s nature to be creative, and in its essence
Surrendered to the flow of the universe, transforming the past, creating the future. All while being alive, here and now.
To be an artist is to be an alchemist, it is not about escaping the low energies of this planet,
it is about grabbing them and putting them on the palette to mix it into the paint and put it onto the canvas
turning them into a work of beauty. Or to put them into any art form – and there are infinite ways of doing so –
transmute them and lift the spirit on this Earth that is so desperately calling out
for artists to do their work – for every soul to follow its calling.







Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 30 cm
It was summer and I was alone in the mountains close to where I grew up. I craved solitude, peace and ease, I craved silence so badly. I wanted it but it was so frightening at the same time. The past was always with me and it could get a grip on me just at any time, I would lose all control and I would be in pieces, I would die inside just once again. I was in this place I loved, a place that was so safe, surrounded by beautiful nature, but inside myself I was confronted by a raging war. Painting was so often what gave me a sense of calm. The vibrant colours reminded me, if I keep on transforming the pain I will become vibrant, I will become alive. My life will be full of vibrancy.







Acrylic on canvas, 59 x 42 cm
So often I feel a deep sense of care for all beings on this planet and beyond
Including human beings.
I feel it in my heart and soul.
I feel the tragedy, I see the beauty too. I see what our eyes cannot see.
I see what humanity has lost, how lost humans have become. I cannot save them, and neither do they wish to save themselves.
I see what they have forgotten, I see what has been destroyed, what has got the better of them, and I see what could be restored.
I see the pieces, scattered all over the place, while I see the full picture in its divine beauty.
I feel so alone and yet so connected, I am so alone and yet I am not.
I feel so lost in a world which has become lost,
and yet I am never lost
I am always carried.







Acrylic on canvas, 15 x 15 cm
Green is the spiritual colour of the heart (chakra) and the most predominant colour in nature. It is Nature that teaches us to connect with the Heart and feel again, when the unnatural ‘civilised’ world has left us numb and disconnected. Those moments when you feel lost and alone and there is nowhere else to turn to, when no one understands you anymore. • turn to Nature and open your heart.
This world leaves us heartbroken, so often in pieces. This physical human world, it may limit and imprison us. But then, there is a force, so big way beyond this world, and it puts us back together piece by piece and liberates us. • when we open up and invite it in • when we trust in its goodness • when we have faith in its power • when we allow it to take over. We feel it in the waves of the sea, in every little grass and big tree, this powerful force that is all around in nature, and we are reminded, it is within us too.







Acrylic on canvas, 15 x 15
The language of the soul exists beyond words. It can only be spoken by feeling it through the heart.
It can only be understood by those who are not afraid to feel, and not afraid to see, the beauty and the tragedy.
And most importantly, the true reality.







Acrylic on canvas, A5
Passion is born out of the storm, the urge for liberation out of captivity.
Everlasting joy is born out of deep sadness, purpose is born out of tragedy.
Strength is born out of destruction, creativity is born out of everything.







Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm
The time has come to reconnect.
To cleanse and detoxify.
Burn everything, leave it in the past.
Anything that is heavy, weighing down the soul,
it all needs to go, taken off you.
Create space for all that is good
In your body, soul and mind.
Surrender and receive it,
the good, healing, creative energy
Take it all in, it is all that you need.







Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm
How did we become so
Disconnected. Scattered, fragmented, all over the place. Lost in amnesia. Looking for something, but what is it. That slight feeling of remembering briefly at times in silent moments. Distraction. Lost it again so quickly.
And then there comes the moment
When all you ever had is gone within the blink of an eye.
Shattered and destroyed. The person your mind created, and all you held onto so tightly,
dreams and hopes and all you ever wanted.
coldly staring you in the eye.
No more illusions, no more false comforts, no more self deception.
But you are never alone, you see.
Now is the time to become alive, and to truly break free.







Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 60 cm
When wounds are opened and one stares into the depths of it. And it feels like standing on the edge of a cliff, a see of blood boiling and raging beneath. Look into the abyss, look at all you have lost. Look at the furious crying children drowning in blood, in the sea of the unheard and the unseen. Will you save them, will you jump and tear back out one at a time. Listen to them calmly, allow their pain to be felt in your heart until its soothed, one by one. Or will you let them drown and will you let them scream, will you let their fury dig deeper into the wound until there is nothing more left of you, will you?







Acrylic on canvas, A1
Destructive and traumatic events and phases in life can lead one down a path of self destruction. It makes one vulnerable to attracting more evil into ones life which causes havoc, rips one apart even further to the point of no return. Such events and phases can also be the best opportunity one can get to pick up all of the pieces and put them back together – glue them together with gold into the whole big picture – the divine work of art creation has intended for one to be.
In this painting a destroyed kingdom is being infused with the divine life force energy to be brought back to life.






Acrylic on canvas, 59 x 42 cm
The fire burning in her soul
Ready to burn anything that seeks to destroy her
What broke her once can break her no more
Marisia, Queen of the Underworld







Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24 cm
When you surrender to the flow of the universe, you find yourself continuously spiralling upwards. Going through cycles of growth and healing, learning and unlearning, creation and destruction, letting go of the old and replacing it with the new, and repeat again. A constant unfolding and moving forward, even when it feels as if one is moving backwards. The force of the universe, the highest form of intelligence in existence, knows exactly what it is doing.







Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 25 cm
She has seen the darkest of darkness
Her soul was fragmented by the very forces
The many battles she had to fight
Turned her destructive
Towards those who seek to destroy
Marisia, Protector of Nature, of innocent beings
Guard of the Shadows
In the dark alleys of the Kingdom
Marisia, she fights for Justice
Those who seek to destroy
They shall burn in her fire
The fire that burns in her broken soul
In the depths of the dark forest
At peace and alone







Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm
The emotional world is a vast ocean, an infinite sea. Its waters reach depths, places that can no longer be described or explained by words. They tell a story much deeper than that, stories told beyond the realm language. What would life be without exploring such depths, without the treasures that are to be found in them? If one searches for meaning, if one seeks to find ones soul, one has to dive deep. One needs to let go, surrender to the flow of the waves and allow oneself to be carried, to be taken to where one needs to be. The waves, at times so stormy and raging, at times so peaceful and calm, and at times one gets dragged down so deeply into the unspeakable realm. And every time one will come back onto the surface, wiser and richer each time.







Oil on canvas, 40.5 x 30 cm
She said to me, when you open up and unfold your beauty, when you share it with the world for everyone to be admired, make sure you also grow thorns. There will be those who will try and get too close, and if they don’t respect you, they deserve to get hurt.
Don’t be afraid of anyone, don’t hide your beauty from the world, show it proudly and allow it to be admired. But choose wisely who you let close.







Acrylic on canvas, 59 x 42 cm
The shackles of the human condition, they were placed upon us all. This civilisation – the society, culture and family we grew up in, they all ingrained their conditioned beliefs, mindsets and attitudes deeply into our minds. One is told what to think, one is told what to feel. No matter how false, how unnatural, how out of alignment with ones true state, one still needs to follow certain rules in order to be accepted, one needs to hide behind a facade, an identity, an illusion – even in this day and age where we are supposed to be living in an advanced civilisation. Humanity has become advanced in many ways yet psychologically and emotionally it is lagging behind, and this has led it onto a self-destructive path.
Liberate your soul, break through those layers of conditioning and undo them. Keep your will strong, commit to freedom, fall in deep love with truth, listening to the soul screaming to be liberated, listen to its calling, break free from those social ties and run wild out into the mystery that human life truly is, unregulated, extraordinary and freely flowing like a river, and yet being contained in itself.







Acrylic on canvas, 59 x 42 cm
The Violet Flame is a spiritual symbol and tool for alchemy. It is being used to transform the low vibrational energies of the human world into the high vibrational Divine Energy.







Acrylic on canvas, 25 x 30 cm
What I asked for was peace, but here I’m running,
again, through the forest.
Running from something, just so I don’t have to stare into this dreadful silence,
away from what is chasing me.
Freedom, have I lost faith in it again. Am I lying on the ground,
screaming to be released, to leave this body and this experience
or to have this taken out, what never belonged to me
Will I remain here forever, until it eats me up inside
I’m searching for the exit, but where is the exit and does it even exist
Question after question.
What does it take, what is it again, that I am looking for
I know, it’s there, but I lost it all again.
I lost it and I will find it, just one more time,
again and again.






Моя самая сладкая боль

Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 20 inch
Overflowing with pain I immersed myself once again into the creative process. Shedding layer after layer, finally finding that release. Pain, it can be so sweet, and it is better than numbness, better than the emptiness of feeling nothing at all. Pain, it can be an addiction, when it is the only thing one is able to feel, when it is the only thing to make one feel alive. Pain, it does not belong to you, and yet you persistently take it on, as if it was yours to carry, your burden to take upon your shoulders. Pain, it can all be taken, if only you feel it, and then you let it go.




Infinite de destins



Acrylic on canvas, 21 x 14.7 cm
Some experiences, situations, places and people push one into the darkness, they will lead one into the places in ones inner world that one have avoided, ignored or even denied so far. It is then up to oneself to face those places, to shine the light of consciousness upon them, to bring them to ones awareness. This may be painful and frightening, yet it is the path to liberating the soul. It’s in those darkest of places within where one finds the most beautiful treasures.







Oil on canvas, 1 x 1 m
The sea is a big inspiration, healer and teacher of Nature. It gives a sense of freedom, openness and strength. The healing powers of the waves can wash away the pain and transform it. They have this enormous strength that one can absorb if one is tuned in. They teach us, one can be carried by the same power that carries the waves from one shore to the next, all across the oceans. Surrender to that power, let the waves take you away to where you belong.









I created the first painting of the EMERGENCE series in summer of 2017 and finalised the last painting in late Spring of 2018. The way they are presented are not in chronological order – they are ordered in a way that personally feels right.

Just after starting on the first two paintings I moved to Plymouth in the UK, and as it happens with relocations and new beginnings in Life, they tend to bring new inspiration and creativity which greatly fuels new creative projects.

Upon starting, I was not sure how it would turn out or what I was even going to do exactly. All I knew was that I needed to transform the past – the pain, the trauma, the intense emotions that I found so unbearable at times. I needed to turn it into something beautiful, for myself and anyone viewing it.

Creating these paintings turned out to be highly therapeutic and they assisted me in connecting with something far bigger than all the pain and suffering I was going through. It was inner alchemy at its finest.

I look at these paintings now proudly, as I have reached a place of peace within myself. As I have found my health and sanity again and a sense of being the creator – not only of transformational paintings – but of my own reality. Creativity goes far beyond creating works of art – it is a mindset and a way of life. It is deeply embedded into our human nature.

I wish for the viewer to connect with these paintings and the transformational energies they hold. These energies have not only helped me – they are there to help anyone who opens up to them.

Impressions of the Underworld

A journey deep down into the underworld – a series of multimedia artworks that have been in the works from 2014 – 2017. They are not in chronological order which was a personal choice.
This is a project that was accompanying a personal inner journey, its meaning became clearer throughout the years as more pieces were created into existence.
Language can be very limited, art goes into depths where language does not possess the capacity to go to. Each piece of art tells its own unique story and as a series they form one bigger picture with a bigger story, the picture and story of this inner journey.
A journey of tragedy and treasure, so frightening and unbearable at times, staring death so closely into the eye. Words can only scratch the surface of describing such an experience, art connects one with the deeper aspects of it that make it so immensely fascinating.

Nowhere too dark, nowhere to hide. Exploring what is real.



Pen on paper, digitally edited

This piece of art was created during the time I lived in Manchester, in 2014, not long before I left the city. Memories of long days getting intoxicated in terraced houses, the industrial look of the city and late night walks through areas that were considered unsafe but gave that sense of excitement and freedom to counterbalance the frequent feeling of entrapment. Depression, hope and being our of your mind, zoned out, out of everything. The constant blur. Escapism. The summary of my time in Manchester is in this picture, the tragic and beautiful moments this city gave to me, this city that will always be one of the homes of my heart. The heaviness and density, as well as the upbeat elements give this image the real feeling of that place. The sense of going on and creating something of value even if it is done whilst lying totally fucked up on the ground. That spark, that vibrancy behind the veil of grey and dull. A million lights shining through from beneath a million layers of darkness.


lost soul in the city

Lost Souls in the City

Pen on paper, digitally edited 

Two years after the piece ‘Citylife’ was born, this distorted version of it was created to serve as its twin, not in the sense of it looking alike but in the sense of it being identical at its essence. Two pieces of art with the same soul, now belonging together in a parallel existence.
It represents the dark side of life in the city, the swallowing up of the soul. If one is not careful one loses ones soul underneath the endless sea of external stimuli and instant gratification, a false sense of fulfilment offered at any corner of the street. Its true vibrancy and light becomes undermined, while the collective shadow steps to the forefront. This shadow is being seen only through the corner of ones eye, but rarely being paid attention to and recognised for what it is. Too much distraction, it does not allow ones attention to delve into such an area in depth and put the pieces together to see the bigger picture.




Metallic pen on black paper, digitally edited

 The story of this artwork began an inspiring train journey from South Tyrol, Italy to Basel, Switzerland. I started the drawing as I sat on the train that was taking me on what was meant to be a one week trip to Basel, but ended up being a stay of nearly three years all together. A surprising adventure, a story that will never be forgotten, and this was the start of it.
It was also the beginning of a new era for me artistically, an intensive phase of drawing with on black paper with metallic pens, a medium and style I continued working with intensively throughout the following two years. It gives those images a distinguishable feature that can now be seen as one of the key characteristics of my artwork from the Basel era. A time of seeking the reconnection with the inner world, a desire for the truth of the soul to be revealed. A period of deep transformation and integration.




Pastels on paper, digitally edited

In 2017 this piece of art was born into existence. It has been named after the title of the first album of Canadian singer/songwriter Darren Spiece, that I have created a slightly altered version of this artwork for as the album cover.
The image represents the unconscious as well as the unconscious parts of the psyche, and predominantly focuses on the potential that lies dormant beneath its depths, typically beneath many layers of other material that needs to be looked at in order to arrive at the treasure box where one is able to find and finally unfold those gifts. One may feel as if one is walking on this Earth partly asleep, perhaps even with a feeling of being dead and empty inside, tired of all that drains ones vital energy, such as the maintenance of social facades and acting out of roles one feels obliges to play in order to ensure ones own survival. At times it may feel easier to just keep on acting and hiding behind the façade, staying half asleep, rather than opening both eyes, or shall I say all three, and look beyond the surface of what is being presented to one.



Psychic Attack

Pen on paper, digitally edited

This drawing was created in summer 2017 as I was inspired by the black and white paintings of German abstract artist Otto Freundlich that I had seen in an exhibition in Kunstmuseum Basel.
Being real and truthful as a human means being vulnerable to some degree. It means to allow oneself to be sensitive and emotionally epressive, it is true freedom to be true to oneself. Being vulnerable, however, is a risk, one that is not easily taken at times. This world is a psychic battlefield and whether one is careful or not, one will have to fight battles one would never have chosen to fight if one wasn’t tricked into situations of having them. It is a natural part of life, however. One needs to fight ones battles and grow stronger and wiser. What presents itself as a blessing, may just be a curse hidden behind a shiny façade. Life force energy is the most valuable asset on this planet and it is sought after more than gold. If you possess it you will have to protect it like your dearest treasure, as those who want to take it from you will attempt to do so by all means.



Violet Maze

Pen on paper, digitally edited

Another Manchester artwork drawn in 2014, edited two years later. Its aboriginal look makes it appear to be from a different era, different part of the world. As if an ancient mural was restored and edited with present day technology to modernise it and make it fit into today’s world of art.
A fragmentation of the soul, the psyche. The beginning of a long journey, a path. Internal confusion, curiosity and unawareness of what lies ahead. Being guided through by ones instincts and faith. The need to learn to trust the heart and allow the mind to be its faithful servant.




Metallic pen on grey paper, digitally edited

Another artwork from early Basel days 2014, a time in which I was in the beginning stages of a long journey into the inner world (underworld). I created many drawings during that time but did not interpret deeper meanings until later. This is what generally happens with my creative work. As the years go by, I find new meanings, symbols and messages in my work.
Many of them depict what one encounters on the journey into the underworld. Deprived and neglected places, like buildings that have fallen apart but you can still see beauty in them, it never dies. You still see what was once there, its essence, its potential, its depth. Beauty and tragedy, two themes that are so commonly linked together, to be seen in this piece of art.




Pen on paper, digitally edited

Whilst living in Basel in 2015 I went through a phase of reconnecting with nature. It was very much needed after spending years living in the city with little connection to the natural world. I was lucky to live close to nature throughout my time in Basel, so that I could rebuild the strong connection I’d had with nature since my childhood. The rebuilding of that connection was essential, as the connection to nature runs parallel with the connection to ones inner world.
I created much art either as I was out in nature with my art materials or as I was inside being inspired by nature, remembering the long walks through the forests and fields, along the rivers. This piece of art is certainly inspired by all those elements, and it includes symbolism that seems to be from ancient times.
During this time I frequently spotted the number sequence 777, which inspired me to name this image. Its spiritual meaning, amongst others, is growth, development and advancement.


oneeyebw border


Metallic pen on black paper combined with collage, digitally edited

Since a long time I have always found enjoyment in creating collages. It is a playful process with endless possibilities. This was the first attempt of combining it with a drawing, and it is one of those pieces with many hidden meanings in it, some yet to discover.
The eye is a reoccurring symbol in my artwork, one that has different meanings. The majority of people in this society look at the world only with one eye open, while keeping their inner eye shut to the inner world, unable to perceive this vast space where ones true richness is found.




Pen on paper, digitally edited

Another artwork from 2015, one that can either be exciting or overwhelming to look at. The world out there can leave one fluctuating between the same two states of feeling, many find themselves trapped between the two but never finding a sense of calm, unless it comes with numbing ones unpleasant feelings. Their inner worlds are just as overwhelming, chaos, a house full of clutter, very much in need of cleaning, decluttering, tidying up and reorganising. But the excitement and stimulation of the external world keeps them forever distracted, it is as if they split themselves off from the internal world. Chaos manifests in their external worlds and they think it’s just a coincidence, life is throwing it at them. They have split off from their creator within and refuse to take responsibility to take back their power.



In Unnatural Order

Pen on paper, digitally edited

This is an early drawing from my time in Manchester, the start of something, a journey that I did not choose – it chose me. The art from that time gives an insight into how it began, internally, the space I found myself in. Fragmentation, disconnection. Everything had been put into its place the way it was supposed to be, not naturally but by design, following a given template of “how things are supposed to be”. One learns to apply this template to ones life and it becomes the only template that exists, the only one that one can imagine to be right. But does one really create order following such rules, or is it just an artificial sense of order one maintains so that one appears to be ‘in order’? The chaos is still existing, the psyche is a cluttered space, but when you can organise the clutter into boxes and containers, pretty looking ones, and perhaps put a lid on them, it appears to be tidy on the surface. Yet there is still clutter, there is still chaos, it may be organised but it exists.



In Unnatural Mundane Order

Pen on paper, digitally edited

Another drawing from Manchester in 2014, created at the same time as the previous artwork with a linked theme. This image focuses on the dullness and mundaneness of this artificially created sense of order. The brightly colourful boxes lose their shine and vibrancy, excitement fades. One has followed the instructions, one is left with ones carefully created system, and now? Is it really all in place, or is there an underlying sense of deep unfulfilment and imprisonment? Is there perhaps an urge to destroy that one does not dare to admit to? One wishes to tear down the walls, to break the boxes. But what will be the consequences?





Pastels & metallic pen on black paper, digitally edited

This piece of art was created in 2015 in Basel.
When one opens the boxes and begins to sort out what one needs and doesn’t, one grows into a more natural space that allows one to unfold something new and true. Ones truth that lies deep within. A moment of peace in midst of the chaotic internal world one has been chosen to face. Without such moments, one would not be able to walk this path. A moment of connection with what lies beyond. A glimpse into where one has not arrived yet but will arrive in time. A destination that is, however, not fixed. One keeps on travelling and exploring, ever more freely and truly as one liberates oneself in time from the shackles placed upon. No journey could require more patience and persistence. The ultimate test, only for the strongest to pass.

Transformational Wave

Oil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 cm



Oil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic & pencil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic & pencil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Oil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Oil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Oil on glossy violet paper, 20 x 20 cm



Oil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm



Oil on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm



Acrylic on paper, 20 x 20 cm


This series of paintings was created at the Basel School of Design ‘Schule für Gestaltung’ in Switzerland. The goal of the project was to portray one particular shape in as many ways possible, while focusing on colour composition. The project was a highly experimentive phase, working with different tools such as various sizes of brushes and pallet knives, sponges as well as other more unusual painting tools. I also experimented with different acrylic effects. It was very much an intuitive process, as it is with such abstract paintings.

Creating this project has led me to developing a passion for creating abstract paintings and I found it a highly transformative process in regards to how it allowed me to express my inner world and transform what were often heavy and dark feelings into something beautiful.